Luca Brigatti

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PURPOSE To determine the long-term functional and structural outcomes in patients treated with trabeculectomy for primary open-angle glaucoma. METHODS Records of 78 consecutive patients (78 eyes) who had their first trabeculectomy were studied retrospectively (duration of follow-up, 25 to 112 months). Serial automated perimetry and stereoscopic optic disc(More)
PURPOSE Neural networks can recognize patterns and classify complex variables. We assessed the ability of neural networks to discriminate between normal and glaucomatous eyes by using structural and functional measurements. METHODS Several neural network algorithms were tested with a database of 185 eyes of patients with early glaucomatous visual field(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the correlation between structural optic disc measurements that were obtained with a scanning confocal laser tomograph and functional measurements that were obtained with automated static threshold perimetry. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTING An American school of medicine. PATIENTS Forty-six patients (mean +/- SD age, 63 +/-(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of the study is to develop alternative statistical approaches for evaluating the trend of visual field series over time and to compare the results to human observers. DESIGN Retrospective analysis of visual field results. PARTICIPANTS Eighty-three eyes of 83 patients (phakic or pseudophakic) with open-angle glaucoma and 5 or more(More)
PURPOSE To determine which structural optic nerve head parameters measured with confocal scanning laser image analysis that best discriminate between normal persons and those with glaucoma. METHODS One randomly selected eye of 53 patients with early open-angle glaucoma (average visual field mean deviation = -4.8 dB) and of 43 age-, race-, and refractive(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the reproducibility of self-measured intraocular pressure with the Proview tonometer in ocular hypertensives and early to advanced glaucoma patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS Thirty-three patients with glaucoma and three with ocular hypertension (72 eyes) were prospectively enrolled. History of cornea surgery was the only exclusion(More)
•Background: Comparing the results in a patient tested with two different automated perimeters can be difficult. The purpose of this study is to derive and test formulas for conversion between threshold values of every single test location and indices measured with Octopus and Humphrey perimeters. • Methods: We tested 50 eyes of 27 patients with program G1(More)
Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide. The World Health Organization reported in 1995 that 5.1 million persons were bilaterally blind from glaucoma. Its morbidity and prevalence make it a significant public health problem. Because it is a treatable condition, it is important that medical professionals be familiar with this(More)
Visual field test and optic disc evaluation are the standard examination techniques used to detect the onset and progression of glaucoma. This explorative study was performed to assess the temporal correlation between visual field and optic disc changes in eyes with ocular hypertension and well-established glaucoma. Eighty-six hypertensive and 16(More)