Luca Bombini

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— This paper presents the preliminary results of VIAC, the VisLab Intercontinental Autonomous Challenge, a test of autonomous driving along an unknown route from Italy to China. It took 3 months to run the entire test; all data have been logged, including all data generated by the sensors, vehicle data, and GPS info. This huge amount of information has been(More)
capable of real-time data acquisition, synchronization, logging , and—ultimately—data processing and visualization is fundamentally important to improving researcher efficiency. The General Obstacle and Lane Detection framework supports different devices and makes it easy to add new system functionalities. 1 GOLD can easily become the engine for many(More)
This paper describes a method to detect and extract pedestrians trajectories in proximity of a sliding door access in order to automatically open the doors: if a pedestrian walks towards the door, the system opens the door. On the other hand if the pedestrian trajectory is parallel to the door, the system does not open. The sensor is able to self-adjust(More)
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