Luca Bettosini

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Multicasting is an efficient mechanism for one to many data dissemination. Unfortunately, IP Multicasting is not widely available to end-users today, but Application Layer Multicast (ALM), such as Content Addressable Network, helps to overcome this limitation. Our OM-QoS framework offers Quality of Service support for ALMs. We evaluated OM-QoS applied to(More)
—We have developed the Multicast Middleware, a bridge between IP Multicast and a self-organizing Overlay Multi-cast infrastructure, in order to make IP Multicast available to the end user. We compare the performance of native IP Multicast and IP Multicast tunneled through a P2P Overlay Multicast network using the Multicast Middleware. We show that the(More)
Acknowledgment There are many people who helped me to realize the research I did, and that led to this Master thesis. First of all, I would like to thank my tutor Marc Brogle, who has always supported me and who has invested a lot of time in solving different kinds of problems. Secondly I would like to thank Sebastian Barthlome and Andreas Ruettimann for(More)
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