Luca Benedetti

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PhotoCloud is a real-time client-server system for interactive visualization and exploration of large datasets comprising thousands of calibrated 2D photographs of a scene and a complex 3D description of the scene. The system isn't tailored to any specific data acquisition process; it aims at generality and flexibility. PhotoCloud achieves scalability(More)
Current digital painting tools are primarily targeted at professionals and are often overwhelmingly complex for use by novices. At the same time, simpler tools may not invoke the user creatively, or are limited to plain styles that lack visual sophistication. There are many people who are not art professionals, yet would like to partake in digital creative(More)
This study tackles the image color to gray conversion problem. The aim was to understand the conversion qualities that can improve the accuracy of results when the grayscale conversion is applied as a pre-processing step in the context of vision algorithms, and in particular dense stereo matching. We evaluated many different state of the art color to(More)
The access and integration of the massive amount of information, that can be provided by the web, can be of great help in a number of fields, including tourism and advertising of artistic sites. A " virtual visit " of a place can be a valuable experience before, during and after the experience on-site. For this reason, the contribution from the public could(More)
The result of an outdoors 3D scanning acquisition campaign is usually an accurate 3D model of the site, but in most of the cases the quality of the color acquired by the scanner is not satisfying. Alternative solutions, like the projection of a photographic dataset acquired in a different stage, are still dependent on the quality of the initial images. The(More)
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