Luca Barillari

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The aim of this paper is to describe the Smart Polygeneration Microgrid (SPM), which is being constructed at the Savona Campus of the Genoa University, also thanks to funding from the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (amount 2.4 Million Euros). Specifically, a detailed model of the grid is presented and an optimization problem is(More)
The paper proposes to model a thermal network by using a simple equivalent electrical circuit, in order to easily predict the thermal power generation once fixed the desired temperature. The validation has been performed on the Savona Campus Smart Polygeneration Microgrid (SPM): identifying the value of the parameters involved in the model by minimizing the(More)
Energy management system (EMS) can be considered the brain of a smart Microgrid and its performance largely influences the optimal operation of the whole infrastructure. The benefits of integration of distributed energy resources such as PV systems, energy storages and gas microturbines is directly related to the way that these resources are managed and(More)
In this contribution the possible benefits of the integration of a storage system (ST) and a photovoltaic power plant (PV) are investigated by means of a Heuristic Rules System (HRS), used both for the determination of the optimal size of the components and for the power production scheduling. The HRS takes into account the well-known electrical constraints(More)
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