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BACKGROUND Hunter disease is a rare X-linked mucopolysaccharidosis. Despite frequent neurological involvement, characterizing the severe phenotype, neuroimaging studies are scarce. OBJECTIVES To determine frequency and severity of neuroradiological mucopolysaccharidosis-related features; to correlate them with clinical phenotype; to evaluate their natural(More)
The current paper describes the natural history and management of mucopolysaccharidosis VI (MPS VI) in all patients currently diagnosed with the disease in Italy. Nine patients (5.5-14.4 years) were included in the data review in March 2008. Gestational and perinatal data were normal for all patients. Median age at diagnosis was 1.9 years. During the course(More)
Niemann-Pick disease type C (NPC) is a rare autosomal recessive lysosomal storage disorder characterized by defective intracellular lipid trafficking, with secondary accumulation of free cholesterol, sphingosine, and glycosphingolipids. NPC is clinically characterized by a wide spectrum of manifestations with progressive visceral and neurological(More)
BACKGROUND The World Gastroenterology Organization recommends developing national guidelines for the diagnosis of Celiac Disease (CD): hence a profile of the diagnosis of CD in each country is required. We aim to describe a cross-sectional picture of the clinical features and diagnostic facilities in 16 countries of the Mediterranean basin. Since a new(More)
BACKGROUND We aimed at assessing the factors that can influence results of the dissemination of an already validated, new generation commercial Point-of-Care Test (POCT) for detecting celiac disease (CD), in the Mediterranean area, when used in settings where it was designed to be administered, especially in countries with poor resources. METHODS(More)
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