Luca Allulli

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Vehicle Routing Problems are generalizations of the well known Traveling Salesman Problem; we focus on the on-line version of these problems, where requests are not known in advance and arrive over time. We introduce a model of lookeahead for this class of problems, the time lookahead ∆, which allows an on-line algorithm to foresee all the requests that(More)
We present a cache-oblivious algorithm for computing single-source shortest paths in undirected graphs with non-negative edge lengths. The algorithm incurs O(&radic;(<i>nm</i> log <i>w</i>)/B+(<i>m</i>/B) log <i>n</i> +MST (<i>n, m</i>)) memory transfers on a graph with <i>n</i> vertices, <i>m</i> edges, and real edge lengths between 1 and <i>W</i>;(More)
We study the usefulness of lookahead in online server routing problems: if an on-line algorithm is not only informed about the requests released so far, but also has a limited ability to foresee future requests, what is the improvement that can be achieved in terms of the competitive ratio? We consider several online server routing problems in this setting,(More)
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