Luca Allulli

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Vehicle Routing Problems are generalizations of the well known Traveling Salesman Problem; we focus on the on-line version of these problems, where requests are not known in advance and arrive over time. We introduce a model of lookeahead for this class of problems, the time lookahead ∆, which allows an on-line algorithm to foresee all the requests that(More)
We present a cache-oblivious algorithm for computing single-source shortest paths in undirected graphs with non-negative edge lengths. The algorithm incurs O(&radic;(<i>nm</i> log <i>w</i>)/B+(<i>m</i>/B) log <i>n</i> +MST (<i>n, m</i>)) memory transfers on a graph with <i>n</i> vertices, <i>m</i> edges, and real edge lengths between 1 and <i>W</i>;(More)
We study the usefulness of lookahead in online server routing problems: if an online algorithm is not only informed about the requests released so far, but also has a limited ability to foresee future requests, what is the improvement that can be achieved in terms of the competitive ratio? We consider several online server routing problems in this setting,(More)
This report presents the current state of my research activity in the framework of my Doctorate program. The main problem I am studying is how to obtain an I/O efficient cache oblivious Single Source Shortest Paths (SSSP) algorithm for undirected graphs. The background of my work is described in Section 1, where we explain why it is important to develop(More)
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