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Survey of the DASH7 Alliance Protocol for 433 MHz Wireless Sensor Communication
The DASH7 Alliance Protocol, an active RFID alliance standard for 433 MHz wireless sensor communication based on the ISO/IEC 18000-7, is presented and a software stack implementation named OSS-7 is introduced, which is an open source implementation of the Dash7 alliance protocol used for testing, rapid prototyping, and demonstrations. Expand
Building the Bridge Towards an Open Electronic Wallet on NFC Smartphones
The use of an active NFC Bluetooth sticker as an intermediate step towards an open electronic wallet on NFC smartphones is discussed and the proposed solution was evaluated in terms of user-friendliness, transaction speed, compliance with the imposed requirements and feasibility of success in the current NFC ecosystem. Expand
An NFC-based Customer Loyalty System
Customer loyalty systems that use barcode-based cards have gained a lot of popularity in the last decades, resulting in customer wallets that are overwhelmed with barcode-based loyalty cards. In thisExpand