Luc Van Hoorebeke

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In the stag beetle family (Lucanidae), males have diverged from females by sexual selection. The males fight each other for mating opportunities with their enlarged mandibles. It is known that owners of larger fighting apparatuses are favoured to win the male-male fights, but it was unclear whether male stag beetles also need to produce high bite forces(More)
The objective of this study was to produce sustained-release matrix tablets by means of injection moulding and to evaluate the influence of matrix composition, process temperature and viscosity grade of ethylcellulose on processability and drug release by means of a statistical design. The matrix tablets were physico-chemically characterized and the drug(More)
The perfusion of the liver microcirculation is often analyzed in terms of idealized functional units (hexagonal liver lobules) based on a porous medium approach. More elaborate research is essential to assess the validity of this approach and to provide a more adequate and quantitative characterization of the liver microcirculation. To this end, we modeled(More)
Different ethylene vinyl acetate grades (EVA9, EVA15, EVA28 and EVA40 having a VA content of 9%, 15%, 28% and 40%, respectively) were characterized via differential scanning calorimetry. Glass transition temperature (T(g)), polymer crystallinity, melting point and polymer flexibility were positively influenced by the vinyl acetate content. The(More)
Weathering processes have been studied in detail for many natural building stones. The most commonly used analytical techniques in these studies are thin-section petrography, SEM, XRD and XRF. Most of these techniques are valuable for chemical and mineralogical analysis of the weathering patterns. However, to obtain crucial quantitative information on(More)
UGCT, the Centre for X-ray tomography at Ghent University (Belgium) does research on X-ray tomography and its applications. This includes the development and construction of state-of-the-art CT scanners for scientific research. Because these scanners are built for very different purposes they differ considerably in their physical implementations. However,(More)
This study aims to understand the influence of the microfacies and the determination of pre-existing flaws on the weathering behavior of two types of limestones. Therefore, both Lede and Noyant limestones were independently weathered by strong acid tests and freeze-thaw cycles. In order to characterize the weathering patterns inside the stones, a(More)
A thorough morphological description of the feeding apparatus in Hippocampus reidi, a long-snouted seahorse, and Dunckerocampus dactyliophorus, an extremely long-snouted pipefish, revealed specialized features that might be associated with the fast and powerful suction feeding, like the two ligamentous connections between the lower jaw and the hyoid, the(More)
Bruck syndrome (BS) is a disorder characterized by joint flexion contractures and skeletal dysplasia that shows strong clinical overlap with the brittle bone disease osteogenesis imperfecta (OI). BS is caused by biallelic mutations in either the FKBP10 or the PLOD2 gene. PLOD2 encodes the lysyl hydroxylase 2 (LH2) enzyme, which is responsible for the(More)
Seahorses and pipehorses both possess a prehensile tail, a unique characteristic among teleost fishes, allowing them to grasp and hold onto substrates such as sea grasses. Although studies have focused on tail grasping, the pattern of evolutionary transformations that made this possible is poorly understood. Recent phylogenetic studies show that the(More)