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A method to label marine biocarbonates is developed based on a concentration enrichment of a minor stable isotope of a trace element that is a natural component of seawater, resulting in the formation of biocarbonate with corresponding isotopic enrichments. This biocarbonate is subsequently imaged with a NanoSIMS ion microprobe to visualize the locations of(More)
OBJECTIVE We undertook this study to assess the agreement between fetal umbilical cord drug levels and maternal self-report. STUDY DESIGN Cord samples were collected from 103 placentas after delivery as a subproject of the larger Pacific Research Center for Early Human Development (PRCEHD) study. These cord samples were then processed to obtain cord(More)
The continued deterioration of coral reefs worldwide demonstrates the need to develop diagnostic tools for corals that go beyond general ecological monitoring and can identify specific stressors at sublethal levels. Cellular diagnostics present an approach to defining indicators (biomarkers) that have the potential to reflect the impact of stress at the(More)
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