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The ICTR Ten Years On: Back to the Nuremberg Paradigm?
  • Luc Reydams
  • Political Science, Sociology
  • 1 September 2005
Since his appointment in 2003, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) remains silent on the issue of prosecuting officials of the victorious Rwandan Patriotic FrontExpand
NGO Justice: African Rights as Pseudo-Prosecutor of the Rwandan Genocide
ABSTRACT:A London-based start-up NGO named African Rights became famous overnight in 1994 by publishing a detailed 750 page volume about the Rwandan genocide less than three months after it hadExpand
The Politics of Establishing International Criminal Tribunals
The legislative histories of international criminal tribunals generally are well-known and well-documented. The traditional focus on the legal framework, however, overlooks the fact thatExpand
Universal Jurisdiction: International and Municipal Legal Perspectives
Introduction PART I. UNIVERSAL JURISDICTION IN INTERNATIONAL LAW 1. Working Frame A. Lotus case B. Absence of global convention C. Consequences of ultra vires Jurisdiction and Remedies D.Expand
Niyonteze v. Public Prosecutor
  • Luc Reydams
  • Sociology
  • American Journal of International Law
  • 1 January 2002
The conviction in Niyonteze v. Public Prosecutor for war crimes committed in an internal armed conflict is the first by a municipal court exercising universal jurisdiction under the 1949 GenevaExpand
A la guerre comme à la guerre:* patterns of armed conflict, humanitarian law responses and new challenges†
  • Luc Reydams
  • Sociology
  • International Review of the Red Cross
  • 1 December 2006
Abstract Continuous transformation of armed conflict since the adoption in 1864 of the first international humanitarian law treaty compels international humanitarian law to adapt accordingly. TheseExpand
The Rise and Fall of Universal Jurisdiction
The article considers the rise and fall of universal jurisdiction. I begin by revisiting the unique Zeitgeist of the 1990s and by broaching the actors behind the campaign for universal jurisdiction.Expand