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Although the local resistivity of semiconducting silicon in its standard crystalline form can be changed by many orders of magnitude by doping with elements, superconductivity has so far never been achieved. Hybrid devices combining silicon's semiconducting properties and superconductivity have therefore remained largely underdeveloped. Here we report that(More)
The experimental discovery of superconductivity in boron-doped diamond came as a major surprise to both the diamond and the superconducting materials communities. The main experimental results obtained since then on single-crystal diamond epilayers are reviewed and applied to calculations, and some open questions are identified. The critical doping of the(More)
The solid-liquid distribution coefficients of different analytes--all of which are important aroma compounds--between hydroalcoholic solutions or wines and different sorbents have been determined by measuring the amount of analyte removed by a given mass of sorbent in equilibrium with a given volume of standard solution. These data have shown that the best(More)
We have used high-resolution x-ray scattering, in the presence of an applied direct current, for studying the correlation lengths in the sliding charge-density wave (CDW) state. Transport properties were simultaneously measured in situ during the experiment. We find that, while the transverse correlation is reduced when the CDW moves, the CDW becomes more(More)
La2Zr2O7 (LZO) films were deposited by chemical solution deposition on Ni95Wi5 Rolling Assisted Bi-axially Textured substrates to be used in YBa2Cu3O7 (YBCO) coated conductors. These LZO films were proved of good qualities for YBCO deposition by Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition that is an economic process. The mosaic of LZO films is only slightly(More)
The objective of this study was to determine whether the foraging behavior of Zebu cattle in deciduous forest was affected by time of the year. Data were recorded during the wet, nortes and dry seasons. Ten Zebu cows were used to record biting rate. Intake and bite size was estimated using three esophageally fistulated animals. Cattle browsed shrubs and(More)
Massive graphite deposition resulting in volumetrically large occurrences in volcanic environments is usually hindered by the low carbon contents of magmas and by the degassing processes occurring during and after magma emplacement. In spite of this, two graphite deposits are known worldwide associated with volcanic settings: Borrowdale, UK, and Huelma,(More)
Best of the art of industrial rolling conditions have been developed to get a roughness inferior to 20 nm, improved further if necessary by electrolytic polishing (roughness of 6nm has been reached) or cold rolling. The effects of annealing conditions (temperature and atmosphere) on the cubique texture were analyzed. RX pole figures have been achieved on(More)