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We performed numerical simulations of one-bead collision on the surface of a static granular medium. The simulations have been done for two- and three-dimensional packings of beads. The effect of the incident bead velocity, the shot angle, the mechanical parameters and the packing structure are analyzed for ordered and disordered 2D packings and only(More)
The Voronoi network is known to be a useful tool for the structural description of voids in the packings of spheres produced by computer simulations. In this article we extend the Voronoi-Delaunay analysis to packings of nonspherical convex objects. Main properties of the Voronoi network, which are known for systems of spheres, are valid for systems of any(More)
By using molecular dynamics simulations on a large number of hard spheres and the Voronoï tessellation we characterize hard-sphere systems geometrically at any packing fraction eta along the different branches of the phase diagram. Crystallization of disordered packings occurs only for a small range of packing fraction. For the other packing fractions the(More)
We report on experimental studies of the collision process between an incident bead and a three-dimensional granular packing (made of particles identical to the impacting one). The understanding of such a process and the resulting ejection of particles is, in particular, crucial to describe eolian sand transport. We present here an extensive experimental(More)
We present results of the collision process of a bead onto a static granular packing. We provide, in particular, a three-dimensional (3D) extensive characterization of this process from a model experiment that allows us to propel a spherical bead onto a granular packing with a well-controlled velocity and impact angle. A collision typically produces a(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) disordered media may be studied by performing random planar cuts through the material and trying to go back to 3D geometry from two-dimensional information. We have studied from this point of view numerical packings of spheres of two sizes for which the radii of the spheres and the composition of the mixtures have been obtained from(More)
We study the effect of the anisotropy of the cells on the topological properties of monodisperse two- and three-dimensional (3D) froths. These froths are built by Voronoï tessellation of actual assemblies of monosize disks (2D) and of many numerical packings of monosize disks (2D) and spheres (3D). We show that some topological properties of these froths(More)
The collision of a spherical grain with a granular bed is commonly parametrized by the splash function, which provides the velocity of the rebounding grain and the velocity distribution and number of ejected grains. Starting from elementary geometric considerations and physical principles, like momentum conservation and energy dissipation in inelastic pair(More)