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Please cite this article in press as: Nijs, L., et al. In Comput. (2012), http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.intc In this paper we report on the results of an experiment on the experience of flow and presence while engaging with an interactive music system, the Music Paint Machine. This music system provides a game-like environment in which a musician can create a(More)
Music cognition and real-time listening: denotation, cue abstraction, route description and cognitive maps .. Auditive analysis of the Quartetto per Archi in due tempi (1955) La psychologie cognitive face à la musique contemporaine : une contribution essentielle de Irène Deliège .. Cue abstraction, paradigmatic analysis and informative dynamics: towards(More)
In this paper, we discuss the pedagogically grounded and research-based design of a technology-enhanced learning tool, the Music Paint Machine. This interactive music system introduces a musical experience in which the musician creates a digital painting by playing an acoustic musical instrument and by moving the body on a coloured pressuremat. As a(More)
Interactive music systems offer new possibilities to support instrumental music teaching by providing a corporeally grounded experience as a basis for understanding music and music playing. In this paper we introduce the Music Paint Machine, a device that enables music performers to make a painting on a computer screen by playing their instrument. It is(More)
This paper presents the concept and the realisation of an interactive multimedia installation, called BilliArT, together with an explorative user study conducted on the data gathered during a public exhibition of the installation. The study concerns functional properties of the installation (e.g. usability, design quality) and subjective qualities of the(More)
In this paper we describe a nine-month longitudinal study in which twelve children (1st and 2nd grade) learned to play the clarinet. Six of the children received instruction with an interactive music system, called the Music Paint Machine. This educational technology allows a musician to make a digital painting by playing music and by making various(More)
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