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I nhaled insulin (INH, Exubera) is under investigation for preprandial treatment of patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes (1–3). This dry-powder insulin formulation is delivered by aerosol, permitting the noninvasive administration of rapid-acting insulin (4). Preliminary studies have shown that INH provides reproducible and effective control of glycemia(More)
BACKGROUND Although insulin therapy is well-accepted by symptomatic diabetic patients, it is still often delayed in less severe patients, in whom injectable insulin remains under-used. A better understanding of patients' perception of insulin would eventually help physicians to adopt the most appropriate dialogue when having to motivate patients to initiate(More)
Currently, there is a discrepancy between clinical trials designed to assess the efficacy and safety of a new medication under investigation and the real-life questions that need to be addressed regarding the clinical use of the medication by patients, healthcare professionals and society. The data necessary to obtain regulatory approval may be of limited(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this study was to investigate whether the efficacy of liraglutide observed in randomized controlled trials translates into therapeutic benefits in the French population during routine clinical practice. METHODS This observational, prospective, multicenter study included 3152 adults with type 2 diabetes who had recently started or(More)
Prospective Observational Scientific Study Investigating Bone Loss Experience in Europe (POSSIBLE EU®) is an ongoing longitudinal cohort study that utilises physician-and patient-reported measures to describe the characteristics and management of postmenopausal women on bone loss therapies. We report the study design and baseline characteristics of 3,402(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the impact of four patient information leaflets on patients' behavior in primary care. DESIGN Cluster randomized multicenter controlled trial between November 2009 and January 2011. PARTICIPANTS French adults and children consulting a participating primary care physician and diagnosed with gastroenteritis or tonsillitis. Patients(More)
OBJECTIVES The present study aimed to compare the projected long-term clinical and cost implications associated with liraglutide, sitagliptin and glimepiride in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus failing to achieve glycemic control on metformin monotherapy in France. METHODS Clinical input data for the modeling analysis were taken from two randomized,(More)
BACKGROUND Primary care physicians (PCPs) play a key role regarding vaccination in France. The aims of the present study were to define the scoring rules and to assess the measurement properties of the 'Determinants of Intentions to Vaccinate' (DIVA©) questionnaire that aims to assess PCPs' attitudes and beliefs toward vaccination. METHODS The DIVA(More)
The <i>Panoscope 360&#174;</i> is a single channel immersive display composed of a large inverted dome, a hemispheric lens and projector, a computer and a surround sound system. From within, visitors can navigate in real-time in a virtual 3D world using a handheld 3-axis pointer/selector. In <i>Where are you?</i>, the featured program, immersed visitors are(More)