Luc Lamarche

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Pour obtenir rapidement un nombre élevé de mensurations par cheval nous avons été amenés à perfectionner et tester une méthode photométrique. L'étude de la répétabilité d'une trentaine de mesures effectuées sur 6 0 chevaux a montré que selon les cas 2 ou 3 photographies permet-taient d'atteindre une précision satisfaisante. Par ailleurs des analyses en(More)
In the recent years, many papers have been published on the use of singular value decomposition (SVD) for watermarking because of its robust nature. The singular values that are produced are very stable and vary very little under attacks. This introduces an ideal medium for which a watermark is embedded for robust watermarking. Nevertheless a severe flaw(More)
BACKGROUND The General Health Questionnaire allows for distinguishing patients suffering from psychiatric problems from those in good mental health. There is some controversy as to the best scoring method. Two different methods have been proposed: GHQ and cGHQ. The present study aims at verifying whether there is confirmation of the hypothesis that the(More)
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