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An important issue in high-frequency signal integrity prediction is the modeling of the skin effect of thick conductors. A new differential surface admittance concept is put forward allowing to replace the conductor by equivalent electric surface currents and to replace the material of the conductor by the material of the background medium the conductor is(More)
—This letter presents a novel parametric macromod-eling technique for scattering input-output representations param-eterized by design variables such as geometrical layout or substrate features. It provides accurate multivariate macromodels that are stable and passive by construction over the entire design space. Overall stability and passivity of the(More)
A reduced order modeling method based on a system description in terms of orthonormal Laguerre functions, together with a Krylov subspace decomposition technique is presented. The link with Padé approximation, the block Arnoldi process and singular value decomposition (SVD) leads to a simple and stable implementation of the algorithm. Novel features of the(More)
We propose to find the propagation constants of modes in layered media by means of signal identification methods. To this effect we employ Cauchy's theorem, conformal mapping and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) techniques to generate relevant Hankel moments, afterwards to be processed with selected signal identification algorithms. The method, terminated by a(More)
We show that there exists an explicit descriptor state space format which actually describes all strictly passive transfer functions. A key advantage of this explicitly strictly passive descriptor state space format resides in its relation with congruence projection-based reduced order modeling, where the resulting reduced order model is also cast in this(More)
—We propose a novel parametric macromodeling technique for admittance and impedance input–output representations parameterized by design variables such as geometrical layout or substrate features. It is able to build accurate multivariate macro-models that are stable and passive in the entire design space. An efficient combination of rational identification(More)
We present a new method for the construction of parametric macromodels for admittance and impedance input- output representations starting from multivariate data samples that depend on frequency and additional design variables such as geometric and material parameters. Poles and residues are parameterized indirectly, while stability and passivity of the(More)
The finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method is an explicit time discretization scheme for Maxwell's equations. In this context it is well-known that explicit time discretization schemes have a stability induced time step restriction. In this paper, we recast the spatial discretization of Maxwell's equations, initially without time discretization, into a(More)
A new bandlimited Laguerre basis for application to reduced-order modeling (ROM) is proposed. It is derived from the original Laguerre basis by means of a judiciously chosen rational frequency transformation, shown to be orthonormal over a narrow-band frequency interval. By means of projecting the original transfer function onto this bandlimited Laguerre(More)