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The Behavior of Trace Metals in Marine Anoxic Waters: Solubilities at the Oxygen-Hydrogen Sulfide Interface
The predicted equilibrium behavior of trace metals across the oxygen-hydrogen sulfide interface in the environment is dependent upon the metal affinity for solid sulfide and metal sulfide complex
Microbial mediation of Mn(I1) and Co(I1) precipitation at the O,/H,S interfaces in two anoxic fjords1
We studied the potential for bacterial catalysis of Mn(II), Co(H), and Fe(III) precipitation at the 02/H2S interfaces in Saanich Inlet, British Columbia, and in Framvaren Fjord, Norway. In Saanich
Surface Segregation in Au–Ag Alloys Investigated by Atom Probe Tomography
Bimetallic alloys are increasingly used in heterogeneous catalysis because the synergistic effects between the two metals may create more efficient catalysts. As an example, a dilute amount of Ag
Adsorption and Hydrogenation of CO2 on Rh Nanosized Crystals: Demonstration of the Role of Interfacet Oxygen Spillover and Comparative Studies with O2, N2O, and CO
In this work, we investigate the adsorption of carbon dioxide on rhodium (Rh) nanocrystals as well as its catalytic reaction with hydrogen, at the nanoscale, using field ion microscopy (FIM),
Biological responses to sediment remediation based on thin layer placement near a former pulp mill in Ward Cove, AK (USA)
Thin layer placement was considered successful in enhancing the natural recovery of the remediated sediments in Ward Cove and was consistent with the patterns identified for areas recovering from organic enrichment on the continental shelf of southern California and elsewhere.