Luc Girardin

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  • Luc Girardin
  • Workshop on Intrusion Detection and Network…
  • 1999
Carefully logging network activity is essential to meet the requirements of high security and optimal resource availability. However, detecting break-in attempts within this activity is a difficult task. Making the distinction between misuse and normal use is hard, and identifying intrusions that use novel attacks is fundamentally difficult. In this paper,(More)
Analyzing and monitoring logs that portray system, user, and network activity is essential to meet the requirements of high security and optimal resource availability. While most systems now possess satisfactory logging facilities, the tools to monitor and interpret such event logs are still in their infancy. This paper describes an approach to relieve(More)
As cyberspace becomes an integral part of our daily life, its mastering becomes harder. To help, cyberspace can be represented by resources arranged in a multidimensional space. With geographical maps to exhibit the topology of this virtual space, people can have a better visual understanding. In this paper, methods focusing on the construction of lower(More)
We present a design study that shows how information visualization techniques and information design principles are used to interactively analyze trends in large amounts of raw data from high-throughput screening experiments. The tool summarizes trends in the data both in space and time, through the use of distortion-oriented magnification as well as(More)
Satisfaction surveys are an important measurement tool in fields such as market research or human resources management. Serious studies consist of numerous questions and contain answers from large population samples. Aggregation on both sides, the questions asked as well as the answers received, turns the multidimensional problem into a complex system of(More)
GROWLab (Geographic Research on War Laboratory) is a software toolbox to facilitate the modeling, simulation, analysis, and validation of complex social processes, with a special focus on geographic conflict research. GROWLab is designed as a collection of independent software components, which is intended to bring the development of agent-based simulations(More)
Clustering Urban Areas for Optimizing the Design and the Operation of District Energy Systems Samira Fazlollahi, Luc Girardin, François Maréchal Veolia Environnement Recherche et Innovation (VERI), 291 avenue Dreyfous Ducas, 78520 Limay, France Industrial Process and Energy Systems Engineering Laboratory, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne,CH-1015(More)