Luc Fecteau

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OBJECTIVE To compare head motions that occur when trained professionals perform the head squeeze (HS) and trap squeeze (TS) C-spine stabilization techniques. DESIGN Cross-over design. PARTICIPANTS Twelve experienced lead rescuers. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Peak head motion with respect to initial conditions using inertial measurement units attached to the(More)
CONTEXT Health care providers must be prepared to manage all potential spine injuries as if they are unstable. Therefore, most sport teams devote resources to training for sideline cervical spine (C-spine) emergencies. OBJECTIVE To determine (1) how accurately rescuers and simulated patients can assess motion during C-spine stabilization practice and (2)(More)
The purposes of this study were to determine whether students' perceptions of the role of the physical therapist and of themselves in that role change during a two-year entry-level postbaccalaureate degree program in physical therapy, when these changes occur, and the differences between students' perceptions and those of their faculty members. A semantic(More)
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