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1. Recently, the authors have reported that severe depression may be accompanied by a systemic immune activation with an increase in the number of T cells expressing activation receptors. 2. The present large-scale study examines specific T (CD2+HLADR+ and CD7+CD25+) and B (CD7-CD25+) cell activation markers in depressed inpatients and normal volunteers(More)
To date, there has been a small number of reports that severe depression is accompanied by disturbances in total white blood cell (i.e. leukocytosis) and leukocyte subset (i.e. neutrophilia, monocytosis, lymphopenia) counts. These results, however, have not yet been validated in a large-scale, well-controlled study. To this end, we have counted the number(More)
This study investigated the leukocyte T helper and T suppressor-cytotoxic cell (sub)set profile of minor, simple major and melancholic depressives versus normal controls. Using both monoclonal antibody staining and flow cytometry, we determined the absolute numbers and percentages of the following T cell immune subsets: T helper (CD4+), T virgin(More)
Recently, some investigators have established a blunted natural killer cell activity (NKCA) in severely depressed patients. In order to replicate these findings NKC cytotoxicity assays--on fresh cell suspensions in human plasma and fetal calf serum--were performed in healthy controls and depressed inpatients. Instead of the commonly used 51Cr-release assay(More)
BACKGROUND There is a high degree of comorbidity between fibromyalgia and major depression. The latter is characterized by signs of immune activation, whereas the immune status in fibromyalgia is not yet elucidated. The aims of the present study were to examine (i) neopterin and biopterin excretion in 24-h urine of patients with fibromyalgia compared with(More)
CD5+ and CD23+ lymphocytes were determined in peripheral blood of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) (n = 56), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) (n = 20) and primary Sjögren's syndrome (pSS) (n = 21). No definite correlation between the numbers of CD5+ or CD23+ cells and most of the parameters of disease activity was found. A significant correlation(More)
The NSF-DIGARCH is building digital preservation lifecycle management infrastructure for the preservation of large-scale multimedia collections. The infrastructure consists of interfaces to TV production lifecycle systems, metadata definition and capture systems, and a persistent archive workflow which preserves the material in a SRB data grid. Kepler is(More)
Recently, there have been some reports that depression may be accompanied by indices of polyclonal B cell proliferation. In order to examine whether depression is characterized by an altered B cell subset profile we determined the number and percentage of the following B cells: HLADR+, CD19+, CD20+, and CD21+. We found a significantly increased number of(More)
BACKGROUND Although enhanced temporal summation (TS) and conditioned pain modulation (CPM), as characteristic for central sensitization, has been proved to be impaired in different chronic pain populations, the exact nature is still unknown. OBJECTIVES We examined differences in TS and CPM in 2 chronic pain populations, patients with both chronic fatigue(More)