Luc Cluitmans

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Inactive and sedentary lifestyle is a major problem in many industrialized countries today. Automatic recognition of type of physical activity can be used to show the user the distribution of his daily activities and to motivate him into more active lifestyle. In this study, an automatic activity-recognition system consisting of wireless motion bands and a(More)
There is a need to develop unobtrusive methods for long-term monitoring of sleep/wake and circadian activity patterns in the elderly both in nursing homes and at home settings as sleep is important for health and well-being. The IST Vivago WristCare is an active social alarm system, which provides continuous telemetric monitoring of the user's activity. We(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess whether standardized handwriting can provide quantitative measures to distinguish patients diagnosed with Parkinson's disease from age- and gender-matched healthy control participants. DESIGN Exploratory study. Pen tip trajectories were recorded during circle, spiral and line drawing and repeated character 'elelelel' and sentence(More)
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