Luc Cassivi

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This paper presents an analysis of the impacts of electronic commerce on proactive firms in the connectivity equipment industry. Electronic commerce initiatives identified in the optical connectivity value chain were analyzed for each of the four layers of the chain namely network operators, system integrators, assemblers and sub-assemblers. In this(More)
The central premise of this paper is that collaboration, and more specifically e-collaboration, plays a major role in achieving a sustainable competitive edge. In particular, we propose here to examine the relative efficiency of electronic collaboration (e-collaboration) tools and to assess the impacts of these tools on the innovativeness and performance of(More)
The creation of Internet-based companies is changing the way business is being carried out and increasing the pressure on traditional firms, which now need to adapt to the new challenges brought about by the so-called digital economy. Successful electronic commerce activities depend on the partners involved in the product or service being delivered. Firms(More)
Supply chain pressures have caused some firms to reexamine their processes. In doing so, firms are exploring emerging technology such as RFID to enable seamless exchange of information within their supply chain. While RFID promised to " revolutionize " the way business processes are managed today, the impact and benefits of the technology are still unclear(More)
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