Lucía Ruiz-Pascual

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In search of druggable synthetic lipids that function as potential modulators of synaptic transmission and plasticity, we synthesized sulfoglycolipid IG20, which stimulates neuritic outgrowth. Here, we have explored its effects on ion channels and exocytosis in bovine chromaffin cells. IG20 augmented the rate of basal catecholamine release. Such effect did(More)
It is known that the sustained depolarisation of adrenal medullary bovine chromaffin cells (BCCs) with high K+ concentrations produces an initial sharp catecholamine release that subsequently fades off in spite depolarisation persists. Here, we have recreated a sustained depolarisation condition of BCCs by treating them with the Na+/K+ ATPase blocker(More)
The primary functions of adrenal medullary chromaffin cells are the synthesis and storage in their chromaffin vesicles of the catecholamines noradrenaline (NA) and adrenaline (AD), and their subsequent release into the bloodstream by Ca2+ -dependent exocytosis under conditions of fear or stress (fight or flight response). Several monoamines, nucleotides and(More)
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