Lucía Romero

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BACKGROUND Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an incurable chronic disease that predominantly affects young adults. It has a high socio-economic impact which increases as disability progresses. An assessment of the real costs of MS may contribute to our knowledge of the disease and to treat it more efficiently. Our objective is to assess the direct and indirect(More)
The use of ontologies as tools to guide the generation, organization and personalization of e-learning content, including e-assessment, has drawn attention of the researchers because ontologies can represent the knowledge of a given domain and researchers use the ontology to reason about it. Although the use of these semantic technologies tends to enhance(More)
During the last year, approaches that use ontologies, the backbone of the Semantic Web technologies, for different purposes in the assessment domain of e-Learning have emerged. One of these purposes is the use of ontologies as a mean of providing a structure to guide the automated design of assessments. The most of the approaches that deal with this problem(More)
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Based on the Deep Approach and learning modules prepared for Turkish as a Foreign Language, this qualitative study analyzed the experiences of instructors working at five research universities in the United States and one university in Turkey. The focus was on understanding how the implementation of the new approach was negotiated by teachers as they(More)
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