Lucélia M. Silva

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AIM To evaluate the ability of structural parameters (as determined by retinal nerve fibre layer (RNFL) measurements obtained with the scanning laser polarimeter (SLP-NFA/GDx)) and functional parameters (as determined by automated perimetry) to discriminate between normal and glaucomatous eyes. METHODS In a case-control study, a total of 91 normal(More)
We evaluated the effects of aerobic and resistance exercise training on ventricular morphometry and function, physical capacity, autonomic function, as well as on ventricular inflammatory status in trained rats prior to myocardial infarction. Male Wistar rats were divided into the following groups: sedentary+Sham, sedentary+myocardial infarction, aerobic(More)
Cefepime is a new parenteral cephalosporin that has been described as a fourth-generation, broad-spectrum antibiotic. This paper reports the development and in-house validation of an agar diffusion bioassay using a cylinder-plate method for the determination of cefepime in powder for injection. The validation performed yielded good results in terms of(More)
Arachis pintoi and A. repens are legumes with a high forage value that are used to feed ruminants in consortium systems. Not only do they increase the persistence and quality of pastures, they are also used for ornamental and green cover. The objective of this study was to analyze microsatellite markers in order to access the genetic diversity of 65 forage(More)
Sérgio L. Dalmora1 Ricardo B. Souto2 Lucélia M. Silva2 Aline D. Lana2 Renato Schutkoski2 Silvana F. Vaccari2 Unfractionated heparins are used clinically as anticoagulants. The biological potency of thirteen samples of raw material and pharmaceutical formulations were assessed utilizing the 5th International Standard of heparin using the sheep plasma(More)
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