Lubov L. Lukash

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Cell adhesion, mediated by N-cadherin, is critical for embryogenesis since N-cadherin-null embryos die during mid-gestation with multiple developmental defects. To investigate the role of N-cadherin in heart muscle development, N-cadherin was specifically deleted from myocardial cells in mice. The structural integrity of the myocardial cell wall was(More)
A study of the cytogenetic action of lectins that differ in terms of origin and hydrocarbon specification is presented. In a culture of Chinese hamster cells it is shown that at high concentrations (20 μg/ml), all lectins are capable of inducing an increase in the level of apoptosis two days after treatment with a high degree of reliability. In the case of(More)
Fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 (FGFR1) plays an important role in tumorigenesis and is therefore an attractive target for anticancer therapy. Using molecular docking approach we have identified inhibitor of FGFR1 belonging to 5-amino-4-(1H-benzoimidazol-2-yl)-phenyl-1,2-dihydro-pyrrol-3-ones with IC50 value of 3.5 μM. A series of derivatives of this(More)
To study the effect of nucleotide excision repair on the spectrum of mutations induced in diploid human fibroblasts by UV light (wavelength, 254 nm), we synchronized repair-proficient cells and irradiated them when the HPRT gene was about to be replicated (early S phase) so that there would be no time for repair in that gene before replication, or in G1(More)
AIM To study the relation between premature chromosome condensation and the ability of the cells to undergo malignant transformation. METHODS Standard cytogenetic analysis of bone marrow cells and cultured normal and tumor cells has been used. RESULTS Comparative analysis of the frequency of occurrence of the cells with premature chromosome condensation(More)
In this review, we present the data about mobile genetic elements that comprise about 45% of human genome. Along with classification and localization of the human mobile genetic elements, their role in genome functioning became the center of exclusive attention; in particular, we discussed a role of the human mobile elements in recombination, regulation of(More)
The induction of mutations to the 6-mercaptopurine resistance has been studied in Chinese hamster cells after transfection with highly oncogenic bovine adenovirus type 3 DNA (BAV-3). A statistically significant increase in the yield of resistant mutants is induced by viral DNA after two days expression time. The value of induction varies from 56,12 X 10(-5)(More)
Wnt/beta-catenin signaling exerts great and diverse influence on the formation, development and vital activity of a great number of vertebrate tissues, including heart tissue. The role of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling and beta-catenin itself in the processes of cardiogenesis and adult myocardium functioning is not fully elucidated to date. In the current(More)
Long-term cultivation of human cells, including stem cells, can lead to essential transformations of the karyotype and genetic instability. The aim of this research was a comparative cytogenetic study of the karyotype of new human stem cell line 4BL at 160 and 205 passages. During a standard cytogenetic examination, the nullisomy and monosomy of chromosomes(More)
Quantitative and qualitative chromosome rearrangements in the cell line G1 established from a genital ridge of the 12,5 dpc BALB/c mouse embryo were analysed. Cytogenetic analysis was performed on the 75th passage of in vitro cultivation. It has been shown that by this passage the cell population was heterogenous. It is suggested that such heterogeneity may(More)