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Excellence in Supply Chain Management depends on timely and effective translation of market demand into material and products control decisions across Supply Chain. As has been observed many times, this task may be complicated by several technical and business related constraints. Effective decision making processes are essential to execute Supply Chain in(More)
The paper summarizes the authors methodology for solving the intractable combinatorial problems in physical design of electronic devices: VLSI, SOC, PCB and other. The Optimal Circuit Reduction (OCR) method has proved to be an efficient and effective tool to identify the hierarchical clusters' circuit structure. The authors review the applicability of this(More)
This paper presents a decomposition algorithm for solving the uniform Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP). The algorithm assumes that the initial set of points is divided into subsets and overlapping regions between these subsets. The algorithm starts by considering a subset and find the solution in that subset. The solution in the next subset is calculated(More)
This article presents a new approach for electronic circuit partitioning. The idea is the usage of hierarchically built clusters of arbitrary sizes created from the border elements of nets that belong to the cut. The implementation of such approach helps to improve the quality of solution by reducing the danger of being trapped in the local minima and also(More)
A parallel approach for solving a large-scale Euclidean Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) is presented. The approach consists of the following stages: partitioning the input data set into clusters, solving the TSP for each cluster to get partial solutions, merging the partial solutions to form a complete solution, and optimizing the complete solution.(More)
The article represents the approach suitable for the electronic circuit of the hierarchical clustering and division. The concept is complemented with the representation of fuzzy clustering. The suggested algorithms have the calculations complexity approximate to the linear, which allows to use them for the large-scale problems solution. This article is made(More)