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The Czech Republic is a showcase example of a very open and essentially very liberal economy, especially in terms of its relations with other countries. While industrial production, with manufacturing in particular, remains the key economic segment, tourism and services associated with it have their significance as well. As a state outside the Euro Area,(More)
The study concerns the problem of statistical data and the regression analyses thereof, primarily on the example of the Czech Republic, which, for the purposes of the models used, has been supplemented by data concerning groups of developed countries. The authors proceed from the assumption that information on the efficiency of insolvency processes is(More)
The main aim of this study is to evaluate and improve the Survey of Professional Forecasters (S.P.F.) quarterly inflation rate forecasts. According to the Diebold–Mariano test, on the horizon 1991:Q1– 2015:Q1, there were no significant differences in accuracy between the four types of predictions provided by SPF (mean forecasts, median predictions,(More)
Jaroslav Schönfeld, University of Economics Prague, Prague, Czech Republic, E-mail: ABSTRACT. The ageing of the population is considered to be a cultural and social problem of developed countries. This is not, however, only a demographic problem, as it reaches into the functioning of the entire state economy, especially in the area(More)
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