Lubos Slezák

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AIMS To determine if the stress of corticosteroid treatment increases chromium (Cr) losses and if corticosteroid-induced diabetes (steroid diabetes) can be reversed by supplemental chromium. METHODS The effects of corticosteroid treatment on chromium losses of 13 patients 2 days prior to steroid administration and the first 3 days following treatment were(More)
BACKGROUND Colonic mucosal abnormalities associated with sodium phosphate colonic preparations have been described. The aim of this prospective study was to determine the frequency at which these occur and to define the endoscopic and histopathologic patterns of these changes. METHODS Within a 16-month period, 730 of patients referred for elective(More)
Urapidil, a new alpha-blocker that peripherally antagonizes postsynaptic alpha 1 receptors and centrally causes a reduction in sympathetic tone as agonist of the serotoninergic receptors, was assessed for its antihypertensive effect and its role on glucose and lipid metabolism and insulin sensitivity in diabetic hypertensive patients. Thirty-three(More)
Both misoprostol (synthetic PGE1 analog) and De-Nol (factor releasing endogenous prostaglandins in the gastric mucosa) can be useful in the treatment of patients with gastric ulcer resistant to cimetidine according to their gastroprotective properties. 64 patients whose gastric ulcer had not healed after 6 weeks of therapy with cimetidine in daily dose of(More)
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