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Ghrelin is a recently identified growth hormone (GH) secretogogue whose administration not only induces GH release but also stimulates food intake, increases adiposity, and reduces fat utilization in mice. The effect on food intake appears to be independent of GH release and instead due to direct activation of orexigenic neurons in the arcuate nucleus of(More)
Obesity plays a central role in the development of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. We therefore examined the effects of a modified form of ciliary neurotrophic factor [Axokine, which is hereafter referred to as ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF)Ax15], which uses a leptin-like mechanism to reduce body weight, in the db/db murine model of type 2(More)
The claustrum is a telencephalic nucleus located ventrolateral to the basal ganglia in the mammalian brain. It has an extensive reciprocal connectivity with most if not all of the cerebral cortex, in particular, primary sensory areas. However, despite renewed and growing interest amongst investigators, there remains a paucity of data concerning its(More)
PURPOSE: According literature data the animal's response to stress depends not only upon the state and conditions of the animal but also upon the nature of the stressor itself. It is known that stress have wide-ranging effects on neuroendocrine, autonomic, immune, and hormonal function. Different research groups have shown induction of acute physical stress(More)
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