Lubomira Jamriska

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Galpha interacting protein (GAIP) is a regulator of G protein signaling protein that associates dynamically with vesicles and has been implicated in membrane trafficking, although its specific role is not yet known. Using an in vitro budding assay, we show that GAIP is recruited to a specific population of trans-Golgi network-derived vesicles and that these(More)
Monocytes, immunoselected using MMRI-1, a monoclonal antibody specific for CD300e, were used to generate dendritic cells (DC). These CD300e immunoselected monocyte-derived DC (MoDC) were compared phenotypically and functionally to CD14 immunoselected MoDC. CD300e and CD14 immunoselected mature MoDC expressed similar levels of the DC marker, CD83 and(More)
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