Lubomir T. Chitkushev

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The TCP/IP architecture was originally designed without taking security measures into consideration. Over the years, it has been subjected to many attacks, which has led to many patches to counter them. Our investigations into the fundamental principles of networking have shown that carefully following an abstract model of Inter-Process Communication (IPC)(More)
Android as an open platform dominates the booming mobile market. However its permission mechanism is inflexible and often results in over-privileged applications. This in turn creates severe security issues. Aiming to support the Principle of Least Privilege, we propose and implement a Dynamic Role Based Access Control for Android (DR BACA) model to enhance(More)
High-risk human papilloma viruses (HPV) are the causes of many cancers, including cervical, anal, vulvar, vaginal, penile and oropharyngeal. To facilitate diagnosis, prognosis, and characterization of these cancers, we constructed the Human Papillomavirus T cell Antigen Database (HPVdb). It contains 2865 curated antigen entries of antigenic proteins derived(More)
The evolution of various wireless technologies has greatly increased the interest in heterogeneous networks, in which the mobile users can enjoy services while roaming between different networks. The current Internet architecture does not seem to cope with the modern networking trends and the growing application demands for performance, stability and(More)
There is often a requirement to interface a new model to a legacy implementation by creating a shim between them to make the legacy appear as close to the new model as possible. This is a common exercise, usually fraught with frustrations, but here we find the exercise reveals fundamental aspects about nature of layers that were previously not well(More)
In this study, we assess the effectiveness of a conservative therapeutic treatment of acute corrosive poisonings in adults, and we define therapeutic protocols based on clinical and endoscopic criteria. We analyzed clinical records of patients with acute corrosive poisonings who were hospitalized and treated at the Toxicology Clinic at the University of(More)
Current Internet security is complex, expensive and ineffective. The usual argument is that the TCP/IP protocol suite was not designed having security in mind and security mechanisms have been added as add-ons or separate protocols. We argue that fundamental limitations in the Internet architecture are a major factor contributing to the insecurity of the(More)
Merkel Cell Polyomavirus (MCV) is associated with more than 80% of Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC), a rare but highly lethal form of skin cancer. We made use of the immunological data on MCV available through publications and databases and constructed MCV T cell Antigen Database (MCVdb). MCVdb contains 734 curated antigen entries of MCV antigenic proteins and(More)
Immunology produces large amounts of complex and hierarchical data. The overwhelming quantities and complexity of these data present a challenge for immunologists trying to interpret results, extract useful information, and derive new knowledge. Visualization plays an increasingly important role in the process of analyzing and understanding immunological(More)