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How to exploit twitter for public health monitoring?
OBJECTIVES Detecting hints to public health threats as early as possible is crucial to prevent harm from the population. However, many disease surveillance strategies rely upon data whose collectionExpand
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Multimodal Emotion Recognition for AVEC 2016 Challenge
This paper describes a systems for emotion recognition and its application on the dataset from the AV+EC 2016 Emotion Recognition Challenge. The realized system was produced and submitted to theExpand
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A New Approach to Pseudoword Generation
Sense-tagged corpora are used to evaluate word sense disambiguation (WSD) systems. Manual creation of such resources is often prohibitively expensive. That is why the concept of pseudowords –Expand
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Finding indicators of epidemiological events by analysing messages from twitter and other social networks
This paper deals with early detection of epidemiological events by means of text-based analysis on social networks data. We introduce a novel system that processes streams from Twitter, blogs andExpand
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WTF-LOD - A New Resource for Large-Scale NER Evaluation
This paper introduces the Web TextFull linkage to Linked Open Data (WTF-LOD) dataset intended for large-scale evaluation of named entity recognition (NER) systems. First, we present the process ofExpand
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Semantic Enrichment Across Language: A Case Study of Czech Bibliographic Databases
This paper deals with semantic enrichment of textual resources by means of automatically generated named entity recognizerslinkers and advanced indexing and searching mechanisms that can beExpand
Deep Learning from Web-Scale Corpora for Better Dictionary Interfaces
This paper explores advanced learning mechanisms ‐ neural networks trained by the Word2Vec method ‐ for predicting word associations. We discuss how the approach can be built into dictionaryExpand
BUT-TYPED: Using domain knowledge for computing typed similarity
This paper deals with knowledge-based text processing which aims at an intuitive notion of textual similarity. Entities and relations relevant for a particular domain are identified and disambiguatedExpand