Lubomir F. Bic

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Arsenic is widely distributed in the environment by natural and human means. The potential for adverse health effects from inorganic arsenic depends on the level and route of exposure. To estimate potential health risks of inorganic arsenic, the apportionment of exposure among sources of inorganic arsenic is critical. In this study, daily inorganic arsenic(More)
This paper proposes a mobile-agent-based middleware that benefits remote computer users who wish to mutually offer their desktop computing resource to other Internet group members while their computers are not being used. Key to this resource exchange grid is the use of mobile agents. Each agent represents a client user, carries his/her job requests,(More)
Fuzzy set theory represents a uniform framework for extending the relational database model to han-, dle imprecision of information found in the real world. None of the existing proposals for data models handling imprecision has dealt with queries involvin aggregate operators. This paper presents a framewor for ek handling aggregates in the context of(More)
Message Passing (MP) and Distributed Shared Memory (DSM) are the two most common approaches to distributed parallel computing. MP is difficult to use, whereas DSM is not scalable. Performance scalability and ease of programming can be achieved at the same time by using navigational programming (NavP). This approach combines the advantages of MP and DSM, and(More)