Lubomir Balabanski

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Balkan endemic nephropathy (BEN) is a familial chronic tubulointerstitial disease with insidious onset and slow progression leading to terminal renal failure. The results of molecular biological investigations propose that BEN is a multifactorial disease with genetic predisposition to environmental risk agents. Exome sequencing of 22 000 genes with Illumina(More)
The authors investigated the obesity incidence in connection with nutrition factors in 13 representative settlements of Industry-Agrarian Complex Burgas. They established that obesity covers 42,4 per cent of the population above the age of 14 and is 1,5 times more often among females as compared with males. The correlation among youths (age 14-25), mature(More)
The following indices were determined in 444 subjects (healthy, patients with various forms of atherosclerosis and obese subjects) with the study of a representative population group from IAC--Burgas: total cholesterol, cholesterol in beta-lipoproteins, lecithin, cholesterol-lecithin index, total fats, beta-lipoproteins, esterified fatty acids and uric(More)