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Four formulas of the Menzerath–Altmann law are tested from the point of view of their applicability and suitability. The accuracy of related approximations of measured data is examined by the least square method at first. Then the accuracy of calculated parameters in the formulas under consideration is compared statistically. The influence of neglecting(More)
From 3 May to 4 August 1986, thyroids of 416 postmortem subjects in Bratislava (population: approximately 400,000) were measured for 131I. Subsequently, dose rates in this organ for the day of exitus were calculated. Mean dose commitments were estimated by integrating linear or quadratic-periodic regression lines drawn through scatterplots of(More)
In urethral expulsions of a multipara, aged 37 years, induced by digital stimulation over a time span of almost one and a half 26-day menstrual cycle, the volume of desquamated cellular component changed, according to two nearly identical versions of cosinor, with the period of 22-27 days, with the acrophase between 17th and 23rd day of menstrual cycle and(More)