Lubomír Krcmár

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This research focuses on determining semantic compositionality of word expressions using word space models (WSMs). We discuss previous works employing WSMs and present differences in the proposed approaches which include types of WSMs, corpora, preprocessing techniques, methods for determining compositionality, and evaluation testbeds. We also present(More)
This paper presents a comparative study of 5 different types of Word Space Models (WSMs) combined with 4 different compositionality measures applied to the task of automatically determining semantic compositionality of word expressions. Many combinations of WSMs and measures have never been applied to the task before. The study follows Biemann and(More)
Any Natural Language Processing (NLP) system that does semantic processing relies on the assumption of semantic compositionality: the meaning of a compound is determined by the meaning of its parts and their combination. However, the compositionality assumption does not hold for many idiomatic expressions such as “blue chip”. This paper focuses on the fully(More)
This paper is focused on semantic relations between Czech words. Knowledge of these relations is crucial in many research fields such as information retrieval, machine translation or document clustering. We obtained these relations from newspaper articles. With the help of LSA, HAL and COALS algorithms, many semantic spaces were generated. Experiments were(More)
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