Lubomír Bañas

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We propose a convergent implicit stabilized finite element discretization of the nonstationary incompressible magnetohydrodynamics equations with variable density, viscosity, and electric conductivity. The discretization satisfies a discrete energy law, and a discrete maximum principle for the positive density, and iterates converge to weak solutions of the(More)
This research presents a new method, the decoupled overlapping grids method, for the numerical modelling of transient pressure and rate properties of oil wells. The method is implemented in two stages: a global stage solved in the entire domain with a point or line source well approximation, and a local (post-process) stage solved in the near-well region(More)
We prove the existence of weak solutions to the harmonic map heat flow, and wave maps into spheres of nonconstant radii. Weak solutions are constructed as proper limits of iterates from a fully practical scheme based on lowest order conforming finite elements, where discrete Lagrange multipliers are employed to exactly meet the sphere constraint at(More)
HYPOTHESIS Allowing adequate time for laboratory and culture results before initial treatment may be associated with a worse outcome in nosocomial infections. DESIGN Cohort study of all episodes of nosocomial infection from December 10, 1996, to October 28, 1998. SETTING Surgical services at a university hospital. PATIENTS AND METHODS In surgical(More)