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When purchasing a security an investor needs not only have in mind the cash ‡ows that the security will pay into the inde…nite future, he/she must also anticipate his/her desire and ability to resell the security in the marketplace at a later point in time. In this paper, we show that the endogenous stochastic process of the liquidity of securities is as(More)
Multiresolution modelling has been widely accepted as a good approach in order to reach a compromise between quality and performance in the rendering of complex geometries. Adaptive simplification techniques that preserve visually outstanding features have also been explored. However, the presence of external factors, such as lights or movement, may also(More)
CBIR systems, which typically manage a great amount of multimedia information, need efficient implementations to give an answer in a proper response time. Distributed solutions on heterogeneous clusters offer a good cost/performance ratio to solve this problem. One of the critical parameters to be tuned is the load assigned to each of the cluster nodes.(More)
A wide range of simplification techniques for 3D meshes may take advantage of the limitations of the human visual system by concentrating computational resources in those regions where the user's attention will focus most often. Some of those visually outstanding regions may be extracted by means of an automatic visual attention model. Additionally, there(More)
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