Lubna Farooq

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In the human genome, the insertion of LINE-1 and Alu elements can affect genes by sequence disruption, and by the introduction of elements that modulate the gene's expression. One of the modulating sequences retroelements may contribute is the canonical polyadenylation signal (pA), AATAAA. L1 elements include these within their own sequence and AATAAA(More)
Bryostatin-1 (Bryo-1), a protein kinase C modulator with antineoplastic activity, may exert some of its antitumor activity through activation of the immune response. Studies in tumor-bearing hosts have indicated that the T cell response, particularly IFN-gamma production, is impaired. To evaluate whether Bryo-1 plus IL-2 may affect the activation pattern of(More)
The effect of zinc and erythromycin on cultures inoculated with mixtures of different ratios of erythromycin sensitive (ES) and resistant (ER) Propionibacterium acnes cells was studied in vitro. Propionibacterium acnes ES outgrew P. acnes ER in the absence of erythromycin and zinc. At low levels of erythromycin ES outgrew ER, whilst the addition of 600(More)
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