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PURPOSE To evaluate the role of radioactive 131I in the management of patients with well differentiated carcinoma of the thyroid. METHODS AND MATERIALS Between 1965 and 1995, a total of 117 patients with well-differentiated carcinoma of the thyroid underwent either lobectomy or thyroidectomy followed by 100-150 mCi of 131I. RESULTS With a median(More)
BACKGROUND The short half-life of the alpha-class glutathione S-transferases (GSTAs) in plasma combined with their even distribution throughout the liver lobule suggests that they may be useful complements to the more traditionally used liver markers. However, the currently available assays for measuring GSTAs in biological fluids have a poor dynamic range(More)
This paper is a call for the technological provision of homecare to be seen in the wider context of the development of the Internet, and the connected benefits that it brings to the elderly citizen. Recent discussions on the Ubiquitous Web at MobileMonday New York [6] considered the social, technical and economic effects that the Ubiquitous Web will bring(More)
Subclones of the two well-characterized myeloid cell lines HL-60 and KG1a were selected for doxorubicin resistance by systematic exposure to increased concentrations of the drug in vitro. Both subclones demonstrated a threefold increased resistance to the drug as evident from cell growth in liquid culture and clonogenicity in a semisolid matrix. Both(More)
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