Lubina Grigorova

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In this study, the contaminated anoxic sediment of the Mulde reservoir (Saxony, Germany) was investigated. Several sediment cores were analysed for heavy metals and organic chemicals such as chlorobenzenes and DDTs. The comparison between anoxic and oxidised sediment cores showed the potential danger for heavy metal (Zn and Cd) remobilisation from sediment(More)
Traffic shaping effect may have significant impact on end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) provisioning. Therefore, it should be carefully studied in order to allow the creation of appropriate traffic models to be used for simulations. First, to demonstrate the traffic shaping effect, we present statistical analyses on real-time measurements of diverse(More)
In this paper, we show statistical analyses of several types of traffic sources in a UMTS network, namely, voice, video, and data sources. For each traffic source type measurements were collected in order to, on the one hand, gain better understanding of the statistical characteristics of the sources and, on the other hand, enable forecasting traffic(More)
Resource management schemes in current data centers, including cloud environments, are not well equipped to handle the dynamic variation in traffic caused by the large diversity of traffic sources, source mobility patterns, and underlying network characteristics. Part of the problem is lacking knowledge on the traffic source behaviour and its proper(More)
The comparative study of the antiheparin activity and acute toxicity of the commercial preparation stellin and its homogeneous fractions was carried out. The summary preparation stellin along with a low antiheparin activity possessed a high toxicity explained by the content of ballast proteins of the nonprotamin nature. One of the homogeneous(More)
A comparative study of polyconidin effects in the replicative and transcription activity of hepatocyte DNA in intact animals, and on peculiarities of spatial organization DNA in the DNA complex with oligomer-25 conidin was carried out. It was shown that polyconidin binding to DNA results in "cross-linking". This process is accompanied by formation of(More)
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