Luba Torlina

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The example of the youth mobile phone market is used for pilot empirical testing of a model of consumers' decision making, based on common features of consumer behaviour in mature markets of information and high technology products. Firstly, we discuss the key properties of mature high technology markets which affect market behaviour and strategies. These(More)
Research has focused on formal and informal groups playing a significant role in organisational knowledge sharing. The concept of the Community of Practice (CoP) has emerged as one such form and has attracted the attention of researchers. This paper reports the initial stages of an ongoing study of an emerging CoP. Specifically, we report the initial stage(More)
Peoples' need to socialise with others and greed for power can be best captured with Aristotle's famous description of human beings as " political animals " / " social animals ". It is interesting to watch how cyber communities, such as Web-based forums and mailing lists, manifest themselves through social interactions and shared values, membership and(More)
In gearing up the task of e-Government, the governments of the various economies are investing heavily in Information Technology (IT). The success of e-Government program therefore depends upon the IT literacy and skills of the senior government executives, especially in the use of the Internet. This study focuses on one hundred senior government executives(More)