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The SIGIR 2013 Workshop on Modeling User Behavior of Information Retrieval Evaluation brought together researchers interested in improving Cranfield-style evaluation of information retrieval through the modeling of user behavior. The workshop included two invited talks, ten short paper presentations, and breakout groups. Workshop participants brainstormed(More)
Context influences the search process, but to date research has not definitively identified which aspects of context are the most influential for information retrieval, and thus are worthy of integration in today's retrieval systems. In this research, we isolated for examination two aspects of context: task and document genre and examined the relationship(More)
The goal of this paper is to provide guidance to researchers investigating exploratory search behaviors and exploratory search systems. It focuses on the design of search tasks assigned in such studies. Based on a review of past studies, a set of task characteristics associated with exploratory search tasks are identified: exploratory search tasks focus on(More)
1. Abstract The objective of our work is to assess how search interfaces can be personalized according to domain-specific needs. In this study we investigated how people search within diverse domains (consumer health, shopping, travel and general research) to identify differences in searching needs. A mixed method research design was used to observe(More)
Discussion of relevance has permeated the information science literature for the past 50+ years, and yet we are no closer to resolution of the matter. In this research we developed a set of measures to operationalize the dimensions underpinning Saracevic's manifestations of relevance. We used an existing data set collected from 48 participants who used a(More)
Increasingly, workplace information seeking takes place in digital information environments and is reliant upon search systems. Existing systems are designed to retrieve information that is relevant to the query, but are not capable of identifying information that is well-suited to the context and situation of a search. This is a problem for professionals(More)