Luanne Freund

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The goal of this paper is to provide guidance to researchers investigating exploratory search behaviors and exploratory search systems. It focuses on the design of search tasks assigned in such studies. Based on a review of past studies, a set of task characteristics associated with exploratory search tasks are identified: exploratory search tasks focus on(More)
Use of document genre in information retrieval systems has the potential to improve the task-appropriateness of results. However, genre classification remains a challenging problem. We describe a case study of genre classification in a software engineering workplace domain, which includes the development of a genre taxonomy and experiments in automatic(More)
Context influences the search process, but to date research has not definitively identified which aspects of context are the most influential for information retrieval, and thus are worthy of integration in today's retrieval systems. In this research, we isolated for examination two aspects of context: task and document genre and examined the relationship(More)
Technical professionals spend ~25% of their time at work searching for information, and have specialized information needs that are not well-served by generic enterprise search tools. In this study, we investigated how a group of software engineers use a workplace search system. We identify patterns of search behaviour specific to this group and distinct(More)
Increasingly, workplace information seeking takes place in digital information environments and is reliant upon search systems. Existing systems are designed to retrieve information that is relevant to the query, but are not capable of identifying information that is well-suited to the context and situation of a search. This is a problem for professionals(More)
This paper reports the findings of an exploratory study carried out as part of the Interactive Track at the 10 annual Text Retrieval Conference (TREC). Forty-eight, non-expert participants each completed four Web search tasks from among four specified topic areas: shopping, medicine, travel, and research. Participants were given a choice of initiating the(More)
The intent of this paper is to re-introduce and discuss the applicability of the informativeness concept to web-based information seeking and retrieval environments. Informativeness is rare among IR evaluation concepts, in that it focuses on the value of the process of interaction with a set of documents, rather than on the success of the algorithm matching(More)