Luanna Lopes Lobato

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During the development of web-based applications, communication and interaction issues have become even more important, due to the variety of user types that can work together. In this paper we describe the adoption of Model-Driven Development (MDD) approach to support a feasible way to help developers to take into account the issues, regarding to the Web(More)
In Software Product Lines (SPL), where a greater variety of products are derived from a common platform and constantly changed and evolved, it is important to manage the SPL variability and the traceability among its artifacts. This paper presents a metamodel which aims to coordinate SPL activities, by managing different SPL phases and their responsibles,(More)
Software Product Lines (SPL) adoption can affect several aspects of an organization and it involves significant investment and risk. This way, SPL risk management is a crucial activity of SPL adoption. This study aims to identify SPL risks during the scoping and requirement disciplines to provide information to better understand risk management in SPL. In(More)
This paper presents patterns for privacy policies to be used in web sites, in particular e-commerce and e-business sites. Because of their financial aspects, the users accesing those sites need to provide personal information, and expect integrity, security, and privacy. The patterns are derived from a study of the 33 most accessed e-commerce sites in(More)
Explicit Risk Management (RM) in Software Product Lines Engineering (SPL) is considered an open question, as posed in literature, and confirmed by industrial practices, unlike Single System Development (SSD), which contains a large set of evidence. The goal of this research is to synthesize the available evidence gathered in previous research, in a form of(More)
Wiki is a collaborative tool for designing web communications allowing users to edit, add or revise content through a web browser. Despite of various benefits offered by the wikis use, there is no guarantee of a good structure of its content. This occurs especially by the difficulty to graphically visualize the information architecture. In this paper is(More)
Software Product Line Engineering (SPLE) is a paradigm in software development that enables rapid development of new applications, by means of systematically reusing assets. To take effect and deliver the promised benefits, SPLE demands for substantial upfront investments, and manageable processes. Such a scenario leads to the need of a rigorous risk(More)
Software Product Lines (SPL) is a methodology focusing on systematic software reuse, multiple benefits have been reported as a result of this type of software development. However, establishing a SPL is not a simple task. It is a challenging activity raising many challenges for engineering and management. This research aims to manage the risks during SPL(More)