Luana Portes Ozório Coelho

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HIV-1 tropism determination is necessary prior to CCR5 antagonist use as antiretroviral therapy. Genotypic prediction of coreceptor use is a practical alternative to phenotypic tests. Cell DNA and plasma RNA-based prediction has shown discordance in many studies. We evaluate paired cell and plasma either as single or replicate V3 sequences to assess(More)
Transmitted drug resistance mutations (TDRM) have been a constant threat to treatment efficacy. We evaluated TDRM in plasma RNA of 217 antiretroviral therapy-naive patients from sites in the São Paulo metropolitan area, collected from 2012 to 2014. The partial HIV-1 polymerase region was sequenced using Big Dye terminators at an ABI 3130 Genetic Analyzer.(More)
Determination of human immunodeficiency virus tropism has contributed to the understanding of the pathogenesis of HIV and is necessary prior to the use of CCR5 antagonists. Replicate V3 sequences may generate different sequences and improve viral tropism prediction. The diversity of HIV was evaluated to access its influence on prediction. Plasma RNA was(More)
A recently diagnosed 22-year-old female with no history of transmission risk factors prompted a thorough investigation of possible alternative risk factors. As the patient had evidence of advanced disease and laboratory data compatible with long-standing infection, past events were reviewed. About 10 years ago the patient shared manicure utensils with an(More)
INTRODUCTION: Improving HIV diagnostics and treatment is necessary to end the AIDS epidemic. Pooled plasma can be used to identify patients with acute HIV disease, even before serological tests. During dengue outbreaks, patients having symptoms common to other acute viral diseases might seek medical care. METHODS: We evaluated HIV RNA in pooled(More)
INTRODUCTION Universal antiretroviral treatment with sustained viral suppression benefits patients and reduces HIV transmission. Effectiveness of therapy may be limited by antiretroviral drug resistance. Information on the resistance profile at treatment failure and its impact on antiretroviral drugs may subsidize subsequent treatment strategies. METHODS(More)
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