Luana Olinda Tacuatiá

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Sisyrinchium micranthum Cav. is a member of the family Iridaceae, which is distributed over the American continent. In Brazil, this species is found, not only in disturbed areas and coastal regions, but is also very common in urban centers, such as public parks, during the spring. Chromosome counts for North American specimens are 2n = 32 and 2n = 48,(More)
Plants of the family Iridaceae are well represented in the grassland vegetation of southern Brazil, occurring in the Pampa and Atlantic Forest biomes. Nevertheless, little is known about the taxonomy and evolution of Iridaceae species in southern Brazil. The main goal of this review is to compile published information about South American Iridaceae, and to(More)
UNLABELLED PREMISE OF THE STUDY Sisyrinchium micranthum is an herb with wide distribution and morphological variation, presenting three known cytotypes (2x, 4x, and 6x), which is naturally occurring from Mexico to Argentina. The development of microsatellite markers for this species is important to provide molecular tools to investigate polyploidy(More)
Recent phylogenetic studies on Sisyrinchium strongly suggest that species classified in section Hydastylus and section Viperella belong to a single group of plants in recent adaptive radiation (Clade IV). These species neither present clear morphological differentiation among them nor show clear identification using DNA barcode markers. Thus, the main goal(More)
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