Luana Caselli

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Parietal and premotor cortices of the macaque monkey contain distinct populations of neurons which, in addition to their motor discharge, are also activated by visual stimulation. Among these visuomotor neurons, a population of grasping neurons located in the anterior intraparietal area (AIP) shows discharge modulation when the own hand is visible during(More)
In many parts of the vertebrate nervous system, synaptic connections are remodeled during early postnatal life. Neural activity plays an important role in regulating one such rearrangement, synapse elimination, in the developing neuromuscular system, but there is little direct evidence on roles of pre- or postsynaptic activity in regulating synapse(More)
The ability to swiftly and smoothly switch from one task set to another is central to intelligent behavior, because it allows an organism to flexibly adapt to ever changing environmental conditions and internal needs. For this reason, researchers interested in executive control processes have often relied on task-switching paradigms as powerful tools to(More)
Time information processing relies on memory, which greatly supports the operations of hypothetical internal timekeepers. Scalar Expectancy Theory (SET) postulates the existence of a memory component that is functionally separated from an internal clock and other processing stages. SET has devised several experimental procedures to map these cognitive(More)
The present study aimed to determine whether grasping is based on either (1) synchronous finger movements producing stereotyped types of grasp, or (2) independently controlled finger movements producing variable final finger postures. Participants reached for and grasped sphere-shaped objects of three sizes. They were allowed to select three different(More)
Recent studies of corticospinal excitability during observation of grasping and lifting of objects of different weight have highlighted the role of agent’s kinematics in modulating observer’s motor excitability. Here, we investigate whether explicit weight-related information, provided by written labels on the objects, modulate the excitability of the(More)
BACKGROUND Although being an important source of science news information to the public, print news media have often been criticized in their credibility. Health-related content of press media articles has been examined by many studies underlining that information about benefits, risks and costs are often incomplete or inadequate and financial conflicts of(More)
Yoshida tumor cells contain consistent amounts of type 2 transglutaminase, along with a membrane bound form of the enzyme. Digitonin permeabilized cells retain a large proportion of type 2 TGase and of substrate proteins which are labelled by radioactive putrescine in the presence of calcium. GTP inhibits protein labelling at low calcium concentration by(More)
OBJECTIVE This work has been carried out to identify any factor associated with the long-term treatment through the analysis of all the data concerning the sociodemographic, psychosocial, anamnestic and clinical variables existing before the disease. MATERIAL AND METHOD The research, carried out by the Mental Health Service in Bibbiena (U.S.A. 21) is a(More)