Luana Cássia Miranda Ribeiro

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This documental, descriptive study was performed using a quantitative approach with the objective to characterize the production by nursing graduates in Brazil in the 2007-2009 triennium, with emphasis on nursing management. Data was collected from the CAPES database, which allows access to the abstracts of theses and dissertations. The material was(More)
A qualitative study conducted in a teaching hospital with 15 nursing professionals. Attempted to analyze the reasons, attitudes and beliefs of nursing staff regarding adherence to personal protective equipment. Data were collected through focus groups, analyzed by the method of interpretation of meanings, considering Rosenstock's model of health beliefs as(More)
OBJECTIVE to analyze the production of knowledge resulting from the professional master's degree programs in Nursing and to reflect about their perspectives for the area. METHOD descriptive and analytical study. Data collected from the dissertations of three educational institutions that graduated students in programs of professional master's degree in(More)
Integrative literature review conducted in the databases LILACS, MEDLINE and SciELO from 2000 to 2010 to synthesize knowledge produced in nursing studies using the critical incident technique and identify the use and applicability of this technique as methodological framework. A total of 17 papers were found and Brazil stood out with 76.5% of the studies.(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the barriers and facilitator factors to follow the attention flow of professionals injured by biological material in the worker perspective. METHOD Qualitative descriptive study with data collected through individual interviews with 18 injured workers, assisted in reference public units in the city of Goiânia. The content analysis(More)
The objective of this descriptive, cross-sectional study was to analyze the driving and hindering forces for team work at a Material and Sterilization Center (MSC) of a teaching hospital, through an approximation of Kurt Lewin's Field Theory,in Goiânia, Goiás. Participants were 35 professionals, who answered a self-administered questionnaire based on the(More)
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